We have to face the reality that the world we live in today is not the same as it was. Climate change, rising sea level, and mountains of trash are some of the biggest problems that we are facing right now. We realize that it is now the time for businesses to be more sustainable and make better impact for the environment. A small single step is always better than none. Demibumi is a project initiated by JED Creative to reduce plastic waste. In our daily lives, especially in Indonesia, plastic is everywhere and the distribution is uncontrollable. At Demibumi, we created a series of products such as drawstring netbags, beeswax food wrap, upcycle totebags, and many more. Demibumi also participated in a series of social events and have been received very well by the audience. If you would like to know more or interested to collaborate, please follow demibumi instagram at
or visit their website at